Who we are

Forward Church is a contemporary Christian church located in Portsmouth, Virginia. Helping people move forward with God is what we're all about.  We believe that everybody can have a relationship with Jesus and we want to help you find your place. At Forward Church our doors are open to all people regardless of background or church experience. We have a non-denominational style of church and we work really hard to be a church for people who don't like church. You'll find casual dress, modern music, and messages from the Bible that speak straight to your life.  We are a smaller community with opportunities for you to grow and serve as you move forward with God.

At Forward Church you don't have to be perfect to fit in you just have to be present. 


The things that shape us at a core level ultimately make us who we are.

We call these things: Core Values

Core Values are anchors to the soul reminding us of what really matters. They help us stay on mission. They help us define mission. At Forward Church we have 3 deeply held core values that drive all that we do. These core values are found in our mission statement:

Helping People Move Forward With God

Helping People.

At the core of who we are we want to help people. We believe that Jesus gave us the greatest mission in history when he sent us into the World to make disciples. We believe that as we love people through authentic connection, devotion, and service that God shows up in the midst and changes lives. We connect with others in meaningful communities throughout the week. We have our Sunday connection where we gather and worship and we have our weekly small group communities across the city of Portsmouth. We believe that life is better when you do life together. We are devoted to one another because we are family and family sticks together. We also love people by serving them. We go to great lengths to help people move forward with God by serving them. 

Move Forward.

The mission of the Church is to make disciples. As we reach out into our world we desire to see people make progress. We design everything we do so that we can add value into the lives of those that connect with Forward Church. When we add value we help people move forward. We want to see people move forward in 3 primary areas: moving forward in their faith, moving forward in their families, and moving forward in their finances. You were called to move forward and we want to help!

With God.

The most important core value is the last one mentioned: with God. Everything else is lost without Christ. This life is too short to miss out on Jesus. We want to see our community fall passionately in love with Christ. We want to play a part in bringing those far from God back to Him. We want to be a revolution of love toward Jesus - and by extension toward others. Our Sunday experience is designed to to just that. We sing, serve, and support God's mission financially during offering times. When our hearts are hungry for Jesus we find ultimate fulfillment. We want to create environments big and small that help fan the flame of our love for God.

There are other things that we value as a church. Those things are important and greatly help define who we are, but nothing is more important than the BIG 3: Helping People. Move Forward. With God. That's the code. That's the mission. We're ready for you to join the team!